Maci Lynch
Community Liaison

Maci graduated high school in June 2021 and started college in fall of 2021 to pursue her degree in business. She enjoys reading, cooking, singing, babysitting, decorating her home, volunteering in the community and photography. 

Maci works full time as well as speaks publicly to raise awareness about sexual, emotional and verbal abuse. 

Maci has grown up helping her brother, Evan, who has Fragile X Syndrome and Autism. She is passionate about helping children with disabilities. 

Maci co-founded, Voices of Change 2018, with her mom, after being the victim of sexual assault. 

Maci is a survivor and a warrior, not a victim. She wants to empower and inspire others, especially teens and families with children who have disabilities, spreading awareness and educating them of the importance of speaking up, if they have been victims of abuse and receiving help.