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Maci and I founded Voices of Change 2018 after Maci and my son, Evan, who was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome and Autism, were both victims of sexual abuse. I quickly discovered how difficult it is to find mental health professionals, trained in trauma informed care, for children with disabilities, who have been abused. I also experienced many challenges trying to navigate the criminal justice system because there currently are not many protocols in place for children with disabilities. Lack of preventative education, supports and resources for children with disabilities, make them more vulnerable to abuse.

We founded Voices of Change 2018 to create advocacy, awareness, support and to provide education to reduce the risk of abuse for children with disabilities. We also assist children with disabilities who have been victims of sexual abuse and their families, on their road to recovery.

"We all think “It will never happen to my child.” I know. I thought that too, and I did educate my children from a very young age. The fact is, sexual abuse DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE!"

Nicole Moehring                         Maci Lynch
Founder                                     Co - Founder
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