As part of our effort to reduce the risk of abuse for children with disabilities, we are creating free, printable safety worksheets for children, families, teachers and the community. Please continue to check our site for more materials. All materials are property of Voices of Change 2018 and protected by copyright laws. For more information please email: 

Body Safety Word Find Puzzle

Find and circle the words in the puzzle

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My Body, My Rights - Talking about consent with children

It's important to start having conversations with children about making choices, explaining what consent means, and they have the right to say no, from an early age.

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Secrets vs Surprises

Often, perpetrators threaten their victims not to tell and to keep secrets. Therefore, it's important to teach children from a young age the difference between secrets vs surprises and never to keep secrets.

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Feeling Safe

Teaching children to feel safe

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Keeping My Body Safe - Word Scramble

Unscramble the letters

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Available for free through our partnership with, The Mama Bear Effect

Communication Cards for children with disabilities

These communication cards for children with disabilities are made available for free through our partnership with, The Mama Bear Effect, a nonprofit organization.

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